We know that when we’re traveling to different places across the country, we’ll be able to get a Jack and Coke or Bud Light regardless of the city we’re in. It’s nice to have those old standbys, but where’s the fun in that? We will be covering different cities in the U.S. and the cool cocktails that you can find there if you’re feeling adventurous. The first city in this series is New York City because when it comes to an interesting drinking scene, NYC pretty much invented it.


Aloe Citrus at Cafeteria

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 2.35.43 PMCafeteria is an awesome 24 hour dining experience in Chelsea and they have a great cocktail menu. One drink they’ve got, the Aloe Citrus, is Bulldog Gin, aloe vera juice, lemon and lime. We thought aloe vera it typically the stuff you put on a bad sunburn, but apparently the medicinal properties carry over if you decide to drink it as well. We don’t know if it tastes like aloe vera smells, but we dare you to find out.


Bull Shot at Cipriani Dolci

CiprianiDolciCipriani Dolce overlooks Grand Central Terminal, so if you’re coming to visit the city, you can take the train in and stop in at this restaurant right away for a Bull Shot. This hearty cocktail is made with vodka, hot sauce, lemon, Worcestershire… and beef consomme, which is basically a soup/broth type of situation. Would it be weird to drink this with a spoon?


The Gogol at Pravda

pravda1Everyone knows that Russia does vodka the best, so naturally you’re going to find this interesting cocktail at SoHo’s Russian restaurant, Pravda. The Gogol only has two ingredients, but they’re probably two things you never consumed before: horseradish vodka and a pickled quail egg. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could also try the Caviar Martini: cucumber-dill vodka and a spoon of caviar.


Where is your favorite place to get a drink in NYC?