Cider Infused Bourbon. That’s Hardcore.

Cider August 20, 2013 4 Comments.

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Red Stag Hardcore Cider

August is coming to an end and fall is creeping up on us. That means hard cider in our pint glasses – and now in our Red Stag bottles, as well.


Hardcore Cider is the latest release from the bourbon whiskey brand. We all know there’s nothing like a crisp cider in the fall and apparently Red Stag feels the same way. Channeling the hard cider world, Hardcore Cider infuses whiskey with apple cider (not the hard stuff, sorry) and other natural apple flavors. The end result is a mix of bourbon spiciness and crisp apple flavor.


As the newest addition to the Red Stag collection, Hardcore Cider joins Black Cherry, Honey Tea and Spiced Cinnamon flavors. The 80-proof cider whiskey launched nationally last week at $17.99 a bottle. It’s still a little early for us to be drinking anything cider flavored but when the time is right, we might give this a try. Let us know if you give it a taste.



4 thoughts on “Cider Infused Bourbon. That’s Hardcore.

  1. Jason

    I was pleasantly surprised to find this sitting in the $1 mini-shooter box at my local liquor store. My good friend and owner Jim told me they just came out with this. I enjoy all of the Red Stag varieties and he has recently upped his mini-shooter price to $1.25 (probably because of me!) I was thinking this stuff must not be very good if he has it in the $1 box and it was just released. So, I got 3 Jim Beam Honey shooters and 2 Red Stag Hardcore Cider shooters. *DO NOT ATTEMPT THE FOLLOWING* So, when I got into my vehicle I was curious to see what the Hardcore Cider tasted like. So I took a shot. *DO NOT DO THIS* It was great! But, it literally has no bourbon whiskey flavor to it at all (guess that was kind of the point) I went back into the store and got 3 more, just to have. This would be a great ingredient in an adult Hot Apple Cider mix for the holidays. I will deffinately be trying out a few different recipes to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners. On a side note, this is great with Moutain Dew, a little unorthadox, but I had a cold Mt. Dew with me and mixed a shot with a splash and it was phenomenal. I will deffinately be buying this again, next time I will get a whole bottle. Cheers!

  2. Heta

    I absolutely loved Black Cherry Red Stag, but since I live in Finland (wines and spirits are only sold in a state regulated chain of stores called Alko) and I’m not too sure if I want to take chances with our customs authorities by ordering the stuff online. Anyway, thanks for the super awesome and inspiring blog. I would defs try adding Hardcore Cider into my favourite winter drink: hot french cider infused with cinnamon, aniseeds and orange peel.

  3. DIA Post author


    That hot cider drink sounds amazing, we’ll be making one this winter. Thanks for reading.


  4. JR Island

    We to found a shooter while in NH. Does anyone know where you can purchase the Red Stag hardcore cider (other than online) near Mass., RI or Ct?

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