The hard cider craze has taken this country by storm in the past few years, with bottles and brands popping up at bars, parties, and everywhere in between. While Angry Orchard currently has the majority of the market, they have challengers gunning for the top spot.


Woodchuck Hard Cider of Middlebury, VT has been making delicious cider for over twenty years and has long been a favorite here at DIA. Over the past several years, Woodchuck has made a name for itself and become one of the top selling ciders in the U.S. Their latest flavor, Hopped Apple, is a beer/cider hybrid that features their original hard cider mixed with cascade hops. It’s got a crisp hop flavor with a citrus and pine finish and will be available only on tap in bars and restaurants nationwide. We just hope they don’t lose their small town appeal and start pumping out flavors and new releases just to keep up appearances.


We already told you we were sick of big brands trying to swoop in on the cider trend but apparently Anheuser-Busch apparently didn’t get the memo. After announcing in November they were following the pack, we now finally know that Johnny Appleseed Cider will be hitting the shelves on April 7. The name alone is laughable but we’ve haven’t tasted the actual cider yet. As this beer giant plays catch up in the cider game we’re wondering what makes their cider better than anyone else’s? We’re willing to bet nothing.


With a cider company adding hops and a beer company making cider we’re left scratching our heads a little bit. What do you think? Will you be ordering one of these two new cider options any time soon?


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