What do Jack Daniels and Winnie the Pooh have in common? Honey and unveilings.


Lucky us. When we’re not loving honey by the pot full like Pooh, we are mad about it mixed, infused, gracing in our cocktails.


Last month, Jack Daniel’s launched Tennessee Honey (or “Honey Jack”), a rare departure from the famous original oak-mellowed recipe.


“It’s a huge deal for us. It’s been over a decade since we launched a new product,” said Casey Nelson, brand manager for the new recipe, which is being called a liqueur.

According to Nelson, the new recipe blends sweet natural honey with the famous Old No. 7 formula for a smoother and sweeter taste that doesn’t have the “bite” that the original Gentleman Jack does.


“It gives our existing core drinkers a new way to enjoy Jack Daniel’s whiskey and new potential customers a way to enjoy a brand they know and like,” Nelson said.


Coincidentally (not), the new Winnie the Pooh movie opens July 15th. See the official trailer here. Reviews are similarly good for this honey-filled sensation. It was called delightful at the LA Film Festival and garnered a B+.


Don’t be a Tigger. Check them both out with us.