This October marks the 200th anniversary of when the first eight barrels of Guinness made its journey across the Atlantic, from Ireland to America. And Guinness wants to take the time to thank America for the years and years of love and beer drinking, by introducing the limited-edition Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout and bringing back a few favorite stout releases for a festive variety pack.

“Two things have always been at the heart of the Guinness brand since our founding in 1759: brewing great beer and sharing our story,” said Emma Giles, Guinness Brand Director. “When we started brewing beer for America 200 years ago, that story became a shared one. Now, every time you share a pint with someone else, another chapter begins.”

Rushmore can

The 200th Anniversary Export Stout is a “deep, dark, authentic export stout with smooth, rich flavor and is brewed with Black Patent Malt.” Guinness is also releasing its newest limited-edition Guinness Draught cans, featuring artwork depicting the legendary Guinness toucans flying across the iconic American monument of Mount Rushmore from a rarely seen Guinness ad from the 1950s.

And they aren’t done yet. The 200 Years of Stout in America Mixed Pack is also on its way. This variety pack will bring back few favorite stout recipes to add to the festivities. The full list includes Guinness Original, 200th Anniversary Export Stout, Antwerpen Stout and Foreign Extra Stout.

These past 200 years have been pretty successful for Guinness… We can’t imagine what the next 200 years will bring. And their 201st year is already off to a great start.

The newest chapter of this Irish-Amiercan story will be set in Maryland, where the first Guinness brewery on US soil in more than 60 years will open in 2018. The brewery’s name, the Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House, is a combination of the pilot brewery at St. James’s Gate and a nod to the plan for this new brewery to be a center for barrel-aging beer. It will also be the permanent brewing site for Guinness Blonde American Lager and other new beers created specifically for the states.

Cheers to 200 years!