Champagne Cocktails

It’s New Year’s Eve and we wouldn’t be ringing in 2014 any other way than with a glass (or bottle) of bubbly. But sometimes a regular old glass of champs isn’t enough to celebrate such a momentous occasion. We’re adding a bit of flavor to our champagne glasses this year to take our NYE celebration to the next level.


Our favorite flavors to add to our champagne:


  • Elderflower: We’re partial to St. Germain but any other elderflower liqueur will do. A splash of this in your glass will bring a crisp, floral and slightly sweet taste to your champagne.
  • Black Raspberry: Though we usually reserve the black raspberry liqueur for our Cosmos, every now and then we like to add it to our bubbly. It brings a tart but sweet fruity flavor that’s subtle enough to keep you drinking all night long.
  • Strawberry: Champagne and strawberries has always been a power couple in the drinking world. You can buy a bottle at any of your local liquor stores but we suggest this DIY recipe that will have you drinking as much champagne as possible.
  • Orange: Pavan is the French cocktail liqueur that debuted earlier this year and has been invading sparkling wine and cocktail glasses since. A combination of Muscat grape and orange flavors, it would be perfect in a glass with a few raspberries.
  • Almond: You may think we’re crazy but adding a splash of Amaretto to your champagne brings out the rich and crisp flavors we love. If you’re not into fruity liqueurs, this is the flavor you’ll want in your glass.


Step up your New Year’s celebration and add some extra flavor to your glass of champagne tonight. You won’t be disappointed.