Last year, Absolut Vodka teamed up with Jay-Z for a documentary called NY-Z that showcased a concert at Madison Square Garden and interviewed Hova about his love of his home city.


This year, Absolut Vodka is teaming up with Cee-Lo Green to bring you ‘Cee Lo Distilled’, giving access to his family, creative and music inspirations and everyday highs and lows of his position in music. Absolut released this teaser trailer:


[youtube Pgg5sSHZ9-M nolink]


Cee Lo Distilled Part 1 launches June 27 and Part 2 goes live July 6.  Both will air on Absolut’s Facebook Page.


We always find it interesting when rappers/musicians partner with liquor brands. In an Esquire interview with Adam Semmler of Vin de Syrah in San Diego, Semmler said, “A good rule of thumb with alcohol: If you heard it in a rap song, it’s not worth your money.” Interesting rule of thumb, Sir Semmler but of course there are exceptions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to pass the courvoisier?


Drinkers of America, we’re curious what you think of alcohol brands partnering with rappers/musicians. Who would you want partnering with your favorite brand?


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