Last week we talked about celebrity alcohol endorsements on Twitter (@drinkinamerica, @drinknamerica). As pictured, we noted the obvious; Willis and Sobieski, Timberlake and 901, Diddy and Ciroc and of course, Hefner and Stoli. We then opened the floor to go beyond the obvious and asked, “If you were to promote alcohol by way of celebrity endorsements, who’d be your go-to celeb?” Here’s what you said:


John Krasinski, Blake Shelton, Foster Brooks, Angelina Jolie, The Duke, Daniel Craig, Zoe Saldana, Jeff Lewis & Zoila, Elmo, Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles and Charlie Sheen.


We’d like to continue the dialogue because, well, we found it extremely entertaining. With that being said, Michael Vick wouldn’t be the best choice for a PETA endorsement and similarly some celebs might not be a good fit for certain spirits. So, who’d be your go-to celeb for vodka? tequila? rum? gin?