Yes, you can. Should you? That depends.


According the U.S. Coast Guard, “alcohol is more hazardous on water than on land.” Whether you are the driver of the boat or a passenger, boating under the influence is a bad idea.


Constant motion and vibration, sun, and engine noise, all increase impairment more than when you’re on land.


As with drinking and driving, boating while intoxicated (BWI) is illegal. Both the Coast Guard and individual states enforce BWI laws, and violators face stiff fines, loss of operator privileges, and jail time.


It’s best to plan to boat without alcohol. If you do drink, don’t get in the boat while intoxicated. Always wait an hour per drink before operating a boat.


Sounds like common sense but with the holiday weekend ahead, we figured this would be a good reminder to drink responsibly. Uncle Sam said so.