Caliche is a new, super-premium white rum project from sixth-generation rum maker, Roberto Serrallés and hospitality/nightlife impresario, Rande Gerber.


The name “Caliche” comes from a type of limestone, a sedimentary rock that cements other materials together. It’s found worldwide, particularly around Destilería Serrallés in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This name was chosen because caliche is considered a foundation for bringing elements together, in the same way that Caliche Rum brought together two men who share a passion for crafting super-premium white rum.


The Serrallés manufacturing process is characterized by a multiple-distillation system and carbon-active filtration, which produces a clean, pure rum.  Caliche Rum contains, as part of its blend, a portion of Solera, giving it a depth and intricacy not found in ordinary oak-aged rums. Solera is a process of aging by fractional blending, resulting in an end product that is a mixture of ages.


Caliche Rum will be available in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Dallas for $24.99.