We’ve seen our fair share of ready-to-drink beverages, but Buzzballz are a breed of their own. The boozy balls are by far the most bizarre premixed cocktail to hit liquor store shelves.

A former high school teacher created the brand back in 2008. They’re small, ball shaped containers filled with a lot of booze. Recently, they’ve had a bit more time in the limelight—winning awards and distribution across the country. So what’s all the buzz about? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Buzzballz are 20% ABV. A lot of alcohol for such a little ball.
  • The ballz come in several different flavors including Stiff Lemonade, Strawberry Rum Job, Limey Bastard and Red Hot Morning Shot. Yes, we’re aware of how ridiculous those are.
  • They’re made using 100% real juice and natural flavors, which is a refreshing change from the norm.
  • You can buy them “by the ball” ($3.99/ball) or in a mix & match 24 pack.
  • Not only are they unbreakable and recyclable, Buzzballz are floatable. Aka they’re the perfect accessories for whatever beach or pool you’re spending the weekend at.
  • If you’re not into the hard stuff, you can try Tropic Chillerz, the wine and fruit juice version of Buzzballz.

These aren’t the classiest drink you’ll ever have, but we bet you’ll drink them anyways. So grab some Buzzballz, hop in the pool and buzz responsibly.