You finished your bottle of wine. How do you feel? Drunk. But sometimes if you’re sober enough to notice, you’ll realize your wine bottle is too beautiful to throw in the recycling bin! Whether the label has your favorite colors, a cool design, or is simply your favorite brand, you can put it on display with one of these inventive ideas.


We’ve put together a list of 5 ways to re-use your empty bottles for both utility and decoration. So finish off those bottles and get to work! However, we do recommend waiting until you sober up to try these DIY projects—particularly the ones involving sharp objects.



Empty bottles make great lighting fixtures, especially when you want to set the mood with some low-intensity luminance. The easiest fixture to make is a simple lamp made from a bottle filled with string lights. You can either string them through the top, or drill a discreet hole in the back for a more polished look.


Difficulty Level: Sticking the lights in the bottle is EASY, but if you want to go the extra mile, this project is MEDIUM.






By the time you’ve emptied that last glass of vino, you’re probably in no shape to take care of your plants. Luckily, they can water themselves with a plant nanny! Plant nannies are aqua globes, which are usually glass-blown bulbs stuck into the soil that slowly drip water when your plant’s soil is dry. However, you can buy a terracotta stake (a set of four is $20 at and stick in a wine bottle full of water to make your own plant nanny. This is especially perfect if you’re a dedicated plant owner going on vacation, plus the wine bottles give the plant a very rustic look.


Difficulty Level: If you are in impatient person, waiting for the stakes to come in the mail could be extremely difficult. Otherwise,  EASY.






You may have already discovered this one while you were preparing a pizza & wine dinner. Instead of purchasing a fancy rolling pin, an empty wine bottle does the trick just as well! Wash off your favorite bottle and keep it handy for when you need to roll out some dough.


Difficulty Level: You can do this drunk. Just don’t burn your pizza. EASY.







Bottoms up! For a shabby chic touch to your garden, bury your bottles neck-first to create edging around separate sections of your garden. You can bury them at whatever height suits your style for a high or low barrier.


Difficulty Level: If you’re motivated enough to keep up a garden, you’ll definitely find this EASY.







After you’ve used your wine bottle for one of the ideas above, don’t throw the cork away! Try collecting a lot of wine corks to create a wine corkboard. You’ll need a hot glue gun, a wooden frame, and a lot of corks to cut in half. This site suggests gluing the corks onto a regular corkboard so that any gaps are less noticeable. You can also choose your own design or orientation for the corks to personalize it.


Difficulty Level: Drinking the wine to collect the corks is easy. Creating the board is MODERATE.



Have fun, and send us pictures if you try any.