birra-spalmabile-del0914-lgnWhat happens when an Italian chocolatier and brewer collaborate? Birra Spalmabile. If, like us, your knowledge of Italian is limited to ordering pasta, “birra spalmabile” literally means “spreadable beer.” We thought beer jelly was the greatest invention since sliced bread (and beer of course) but Birra Spalmabile is a whole new way to have beer for breakfast. While the spread is made of 40% beer, the spread does not contain any alcohol, so we can enjoy our boozy breakfast worry-free.

Birra Spalmabile is predominately sweet tasting—not unexpected coming from chocolatier Pietro Napoleone—and comes in two flavors adapted from Emanuela Laurenzi’s brewery Alta Quota. Using some nifty science that’s over our heads, they turned Alta Quota’s Omid dark ale and Greta blonde into two spreads. The Omid has a more intense taste and aroma while the Greta is more delicate in flavor. They suggest that you pair the highly creamy spread with cheeses, crostini, or even sweet pastries and ice cream. For now, the product is only widely available in the UK, but is available for pre-order in the US for only $16. We don’t know about you, but we’re hoping to find it in the nearest grocery store soon, right next to the Nutella.