Drinking beer is great, but why sip it when you could be spreading it on your toast? Potlicker Kitchen in Vermont has made this possible through their genius invention of Beer Jelly. By replacing the juice in their spread with craft beers from 6 local breweries, they have given us the ability to get our morning fix without our friends calling for an intervention.

With only .5% alcohol content, you get that great beer taste you love without getting too tipsy before work. It’s a win-win. And the possibilities for consumption don’t end with toast. Their blog offers recipes that range anywhere from beer jelly caramelized onions to their very own Jam-A-Rita. Every creation is sure to leave your guests super jelly of your new ingredient. (Get it?)

Don’t live in Vermont? No problem. Their online store allows anyone to purchase any of their spiked jellies. So what are you waiting for? We’ve eaten half a jar in the time it took us to write this.