Everything tastes better on a stick: corn dogs, popsicles, and kabobs of all varieties. So that must mean alcohol tastes better on a stick too, right? Yes, it’s a tad hard to put a liquid on a stick, but there are ways to get a little creative.

One fun thing we saw was the blueberry infused vodka + frozen lemonade cocktail. The blueberries are meant to be a garnish, but instead of just having them float around in the drink, she put them on a stick. And instead of just skewering boring normal blueberries, she let these babies soak in a jar of vodka for 36 hours, put them on the stick and then let them hang out in the freezer for a little bit. The frozen lemonade recipe looks awesome too, but we are extra excited about boozy blueberries.

This one bends the rules a little bit – the booze is not actually on the stick, but the stick plays an integral role in the drink’s success. Confused yet? We can see this recipe for liqueur lollipops being a hit at your New Years Eve party this year. You make homemade lollipops out of sugar, corn syrup, water, flavor extracts and food coloring. When it’s time to drink, you swirl one of these gems into your glass of champagne. After a bit, they will dissolve and infuse your drink with flavor. Pretty cool, right?

Of course, you can always go with the ever-popular booze popsicle. This is where you can really let your artistic side shine because half the fun is throwing a bunch of liquor, juice and fruit into a popsicle mold and seeing what happens.

Let us know if you come up with any other creative ways to have booze on a stick. Cheers.