18LOGO3-master675Do you ever find yourself bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to talk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

Look down, there’s a logo in your drink: Bars are no newcomers to branding tactics. Cocktail napkins, coasters, glasses, and matchbooks are almost expected at this point which means many of us hardly notice them. Recently some bars have been pushing their branding outside the box with signature stamped ice cubes, stamped garnish, and even bringing back the old ‘bar tokens’. If you end up at Dante, an Italian style bar in Greenwich village, look for their name stamped into the ice cube in your drink. The special cubes are made with a copper ice stamp that was custom-made in Hong Kong. At bars like Canon in Seattle or The Office in Chicago, look for a stamp or etching of the bars logo on the garnish. Who says a lemon peel isn’t a good canvas?

Drink the San Francisco Fog: Hangar 1 Vodka just announced their new Hangar 1 Fog Point, the first ever spirit to be made with caught-fog water from San Francisco. The fog catcher works high above the ocean where water particles condense into clouds. Gravity pools the droplets of water together at the base of the structure, which Hangar 1 then takes and blends with the vodka’s distillate. Not only is this a cool way to show some San Franciscan pride, but with so much drought in the California area, Hangar 1 proves to be a step ahead in finding sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Soda brand Joia Mixes It Up With New Cocktails: If beer and wine come in individual and easily transportable packages, why shouldn’t cocktails? Soda brand Joia recently introduced a new line of canned premixed cocktails that come in three varieties: Cosmopolitan, Greyhound, and Moscow Mule – each made with the brand’s own sodas and premium vodka. The sodas are all-natural, formulated with fruits, herbs, and spices. The brand was inspired by their own consumers who so often liked to use the sodas as mixers in their cocktails. The drinks will be 6-7% ABV and will come in single 12oz cans or in 4-packs.

KyMar Farm Distillery Announces New Beer-Based Whiskeys: KyMar Farm Distillery recently announced the development of a new whiskey made out of beer mash, one of the first of this type available in the United States. Traditionally, whiskey is distilled from a fermented mash of grain such as corn, wheat, or barley, but KyMar is shaking things up by using a base of beer mash and hops to add depth to the flavor. The beer-to-whiskey project will be available starting September 1st in 375ml bottles.