If you’ve “bone luged,” DIA invites you to write a guest post about this Portland, Oregon-based trend.


A bone luge is where you eat the marrow out of an animal bone, thus creating a channel for a bartender to pour the booze of your choosing from one end of the bone into your mouth.


We have not done this. It’s fair to say that we will not do this. So if you’re into it, have at it. Tell us how disgusting it really is (details welcome). Tell us how organic (in a Neadrethal kind of way) it is. Tell us if your friends do it. And where you do it.


The obvious question is: why? We buy the gothamist’s roll-up, “If there’s one thing we know about Americans, it’s that we love any opportunity for a grotesque display of gluttonous debauchery. And the bone luge has both, giving everyone the chance to act like a cartoon Viking celebrating a savage pillaging.”


Your first-person bone luge post awaits. Write us at drinkingamerica@gmail.com.