A special wine Wednesday post (yes, that’s wine).

South Africa’s Boer & Brit Winery brings you Bob’s Your Uncle. A way to enjoy wine without all the pretence. As Boer & Brit says…

“Carafes are boring. Box wines are lame. PET is plastic. Corks can taint. Wine glasses break in your picnic bags. We don’t like etched graphics of old manor houses. We don’t want to drink an entire bottle of wine in a restaurant. Glass. 550ml. Crown cap just so happens to be more airtight than screw caps…so screw screw caps. Return for deposit and save a tree. Wine should be fun.”

Cool Material said it nicely, too, “It’s like the whole wine in a diet coke can thing just slightly more civilized. Slightly.”

We feel this one might be appealing to the fellas. So, guys of America, would you drink Bob’s Your Uncle? (Ladies, we don’t discriminate. Feel free to contribute, too!)