BlackMask rum

BlackMask Spiced Rum debuted earlier this month armed with a handful of flavors and a far-fetched story about its creation.


According to legend, Sir Henry Rhumsfeld traveled in search of the famed “golden elixir” of the South Pacific. The natives of a secret island told him that a masked medicine man created the potion (aka rum) to call back the spirits of great warriors. When Rhumsfeld finally found the man and his rum he begged for the secret recipe. And that’s how BlackMask came to be.


You can join us in saying that this is the most ridiculous story we’ve ever heard. But hey, there’s rum at the end of it, which is all that matters to us. Not only is the story outrageous but BlackMask is also featuring some crazy flavors. In addition to their spiced original version, they’re also bringing us the first ever Chai flavored rum (Tropical Chai), an Island Coconut flavor and the mysterious Black Premo.


BlackMask Spiced Rum has been famous in the South Pacific for years and has finally made its way stateside. Debuting in California first at $13.99 a bottle, the rum will roll out nationally later this year. The story may be ludicrous but we’re intrigued by the unique flavors soon to come. Let us know if you try BlackMask.