Sixteen dollars can go a long way to make life grand. Those who know about Bissinger’s Wine Grapes know what we’re talking about. (Thank you, JB, a Maryland reader, who tipped us off to this wonder of the wine world.)


What’s a wine grape? “Infused with Shiraz and covered in dark chocolate, each grape offers a burst of impeccable flavor: rich chocolate taste, accented by the finish of smooth red wine,” reads the catalog copy.


Wine grapes are 60% dark chocolate and gluten-free. And they recently received 2011 Sofi Award honors. (Sofi’s are distinctions for outstanding specialty foods and beverages by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT)).


“But what about my white carpet?” reports that “they don’t gush.” Napkins, however, are strongly recommended. And it goes without saying to break these out well after the kids are asleep.


Bissinger’s is a huge national chain, but remains a small local operation. It’s roots reach back to Europe in the 1600s.


Here’s to another four hundred years of wine wizardry.