In December, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., announced the introduction of a new American Bourbon — Red State and Blue State Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


Made up of two simultaneous releases of hand-crafted Bourbon from two time “Distiller of the Year” Heaven Hill Distilleries, its brand name and implied affiliations are generating excitement as the 2012 Presidential election year looms.


“No matter which side they’re on, voters can make a real party statement with America’s Native Spirit in the form of Red State and Blue State, a smooth-tasting Kentucky Bourbon,” reads the press release copy. “Labeled with America’s political party colors of Republican red and Democrat blue and featuring the famous elephant and donkey symbols, these unique bottles will be available nationally beginning January 2012.”


In addition, Heaven Hill Distilleries has announced it will be contributing a donation for every legal drinking age consumer that “likes” Red State or Blue State Bourbon on Facebook to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation. “We are pleased to be helping to support the good works of the VFW for our Armed Forces with Red State and Blue State,” noted the brand’s spokesperson. “Donations will go toward the VFW Foundation’s Return the Favor campaign which honors, celebrates, and supports active-duty military, veterans and their families.”


What do you think of all this: Enough with politics creeping into every facet of my life? Or, bring it on. Let me show the world my political persuasion every way I can?