For reasons unknown to us, some people don’t like beer. They’ve tried everything from IPA’s to stouts to pilsners. Nothing tickles their taste buds. We aren’t here to judge you if you’re not a beer guy or gal- but we are here to help. Because beer doesn’t have to taste like beer…

Coffee Beerstmg-slideshow_l
Two things many people can’t live without: coffee and beer. Why not put ’em together? Coffee beers are typically stouts with rich, blended flavors. But there are some delicious outliers that have changed this formula for the better. Some have aged their beer in bourbon barrels (Tweak from Avery Brewing Co.), some create hoppy coffee ales (Bierwerker Mourning Wood from Local Option) or they use new techniques like cold extraction (Coffee Bender from Surly Brewing Co.).



Tea Beers
Maybe you aren’t a coffee person. Maybe you like to sip your tea and judge all the caffeine-jacked coffee drinkers. That’s fine, we have some beer for you too. The tea beer trend hasn’t blown up yet, but trust us, it will. Green tea compliments hoppy IPA’s very well, as showcased in Stone Brewing Co.’s Japanese Green Tea IPA. Red Brick Brewing Co. also got in on the fun and have created Divine Bovine, a milk stout brewed with organic chai tea spices.



Cocktail Beers15877027_400265113698546_4220889963526356992_n
Did you know beer cocktails and cocktail beers aren’t the same thing. Well you do now. Aging strong ales in used bourbon barrels is nothing new, but now adventurous brewers are using whiskey barrels and more. Southern Tier Brewing launched its new barrel-aging program last year with a Manhattan-inspired beer, the Manhattan Ale, that was aged in bourbon barrels and made with cherry juice. If you’re into the clear spirits, such as gin, we recommend trying the G&T Gose from Anderson Valley Brewing Co. It perfectly captures the zippy and bracing qualities of lime juice and gin in a low-alcohol, super refreshing beer.

So before you write beer off your list of things you like to drink, give these a try. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.