Each year when the calendar turns to a new year, sometimes we all need to change things up a bit and try a new look. Labatt Blue and Heineken are switching things up this February with new can designs that left us scratching our heads.


No event brings out more national pride than cheering on your home team in the Olympics. Labatt Blue is showing their team spirit by dressing their cans in throwback hockey jerseys for Team USA. The only problem is Labatt is widely known as a Canadian beer, USA’s chief rival in hockey. While Anheuser Busch now owns Labatt, the beer is still brewed and imported from our northern neighbors. There’s even a maple leaf on the can. Drinking a Canadian beer donned with a USA hockey jersey would be the least American thing we could do during the Olympics. Nice try, Labatt.


Heineken cans are about as recognizable as beer cans come. However in an attempt to go after a more outdoorsy and sports loving crowd, the Dutch beer brand is releasing a new 8.5 oz. “slim can.” To us these smaller cans sound like an excuse for a refill, rather than a convenient alternative. We suppose this helps those of us whose hands are too small for the full 12 oz. but for the majority we recommend purchasing the real deal. They are the first premium beer in the 8.5 oz. market so let’s see how this goes for them.


We’ve always been told change is for the better, but we have to say we’re not buying it this time. How do you feel about these cans changing their looks – even if they are special edition?