There are a lot of weird ice cream flavors out there, but one ice cream shop in Denver has managed to create a few flavors that are amazingly different. Sweet Action Ice Cream is run by Chia Basinger and Sam Kopicko, two craft beer lovers and ice cream making enthusiasts. When they opened their storefront in 2009, they did the only natural thing – they made booze ice cream.

Over the past three years, they have gained a following of sorts and have proved that their liquor-inspired flavors are more than just a novelty. The flavors actually make up about 10 percent of their total sales and they’ve received national recognition from Food & Wine and US News & World Report.

Although they are beer lovers, no booze is off limits when it comes to their creamy creations. They normally offer three or four cocktails and beer flavors at one time, but here are a few flavors we like:

• Silverback Honey Spice (Wynkoop Silverback Pale Ale)
• Strong Coffee Oreo (Renegade Sunday Morning)
• Black Forest Porter (Denver Beer Graham Cracker Porter)
• Belgian Yeti Strawberry Swirl (Great Divide Belgian-Style Yeti)
• Mojito
• Margarita

The flavors are especially great because they don’t use oils or syrups to get the taste; they use real, whole ingredients – like beer and booze. We’ll drink…uhh…scoop to that.