A Scotland brewery has made recent news since creating the world’s strongest beer, appropriately named “Armageddon.” While beer in the United States normally has 5-10% alcohol content, Armageddon has 65% alcohol content. Brewmeister Brewery, the beer’s creator, says that the beer is freeze fermented and that leaves the richest alcohol content in the brew. They also say you wouldn’t drink it by the bottle or pint glass like normal beer; it’s meant to be sipped, more like brandy. This makes sense since a pint of this stuff is basically like drinking a pint of vodka.

We love a good novelty beer (bull testicle beer, anyone?), but at what point do regular beer drinkers lose interest? Drinking a beer with 65% alcohol content seems like it might appeal to folks who like the hard stuff. In our opinion, beer drinkers like sipping on a drink that doesn’t get them wasted after a few tastes (although that isn’t always a bad thing…). Imagine watching a big football game with your buddies and instead of throwing back a few normal beers, you take a few wimpy sips of your high proof ale and pass out at half time. Sounds like a blast. Not.

We also like to think of beer as a more affordable beverage option when we go out drinking. One bottle of Armageddon costs $52. That’s like… 13 beers at your local pub.

If you’re interested in trying Armageddon just for the heck of it, it’s not available in the United States yet. You can, however, buy a bottle through the Brewmeister Brewery website.

What do you think about Armageddon’s 65% alcohol content? Is it something you might try once for the fun of it, or would you consider adding it to your normal drink menu?