BeerGossipEven the booze world has drama. We try not to get involved but some stories are too juicy to leave alone. We’ve dug up some dirt and we just had to share.


Iron Maiden v. AC/DC

The battle of the head banging beers. The two hard rock bands have released beers this month creating a beer rivalry of sorts. Australian legends AC/DC were first to break into the beer business with the release of AC/DC Premium Lager, a German beer. Shortly after, Iron Maiden collaborated with British brewery Robinsons to launch their own cask ale, Trooper, named after their early 90s hit song. Both beers plan to stay in their respective countries for now with potential to expand worldwide later this year. We can’t tell you which tastes better but their close release dates have us intrigued. Which band’s beer would you choose?


PBR + Hostess

Our favorite hipster beer has come to the rescue of America’s iconic snack: the Twinkie. Hostess announced their plans to sell the majority of their baked goods business to Pabst Blue Ribbon this week. PBR says they plan to have snacks like Ding Dongs and Twinkies back on the shelves by this summer so you can stop stocking up now. We’re interested to see where this relationship goes. Could there be a PBR filled Twinkie in our future?


Guinness v. Harpoon

Boston based Harpoon Brewery has made a very bold move: challenging Guinness with a Boston Irish Stout right in time for St. Patrick’s Day. In a city where drinking takes center stage on March 17, Harpoon is hoping to make a strong debut against the classic Irish favorite, Guinness. The problem is that most bars only have one nitro tap to pour heavy stouts like these. Can Harpoon oust Guinness and reign this St. Patrick’s Day in Boston? What will you be drinking this St. Patrick’s Day?