People who drink a lot of beer probably think we’re high to question a gadget that catches beer caps, not to mention mounting a bottle opener in their home somewhere.


A built-in bottle opener with cap catching receptacle is obviously a good idea, but you don’t see a lot of this anymore. It’s kind of Old School.


A mounted bottle opener is “one less thing to find,” shares one DIA-er. And if you have a lot of parties, it does away with the “who has the bottle opener?” chant all night long.


As for the cap catchers, there are a surprising number of these things on the market. Here’s why people like them:


“Nothing to clean up off the floor after a party.”


“If you have little kids, this keeps the caps off the floor and out of little mouths.” Fair enough.




Not thrilled about the mounted bottle opener junking up your home bar, cabinet or workbench? Check out the all-in-one Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher.

















One reviewer says, “It’s great for a cook-out, or just on the counter. No more running around throwing bottle caps away….” We find the term “running around” a little funny, but I guess if you’re relaxing with a cold one, you don’t aspire to much “running around.”


Another guy said, “I was looking to buy a wall mounted opener BUT my wife refused to have me install one…. This PORTABLE cap catching opener…was the perfect solution! I was so fed up having friends over and finding caps all over the house and in the backyard afterwards. Surprisingly it actually does instantly catch the cap every single time & I love the sound the cap makes when it falls into the body.”


His only complaint is that his wife can now keep track of how many beers he drinks.


Can’t help you there, Pal, but thanks for your honest commentary.


In the end, a cap catcher appears to be a good gift idea for the neatnik beer lover on your list.