We love our beer, but to be honest we really don’t love the beer bellies they can create. It sometimes seems like a never-ending battle to balance a healthy lifestyle and our love for throwing back a few brewskis. But thanks to Dr. Jekyll’s brews we may no longer need to feel guilty about pouring ourselves a cold one.

Ever heard of super foods? You know, those tiny seeds, weirdly named berries, and leafy veggies your girlfriend is constantly sipping on in her green smoothie. Dr. Jekyll’s beer is actually brewed with these super healthy morsels, and we could not be more excited that there’s now a much more delicious and boozy way to get a daily dose.

This new line of beer is brewed in Cali by three long time buddies who are determined to create great tasting craft beer that doesn’t kill your health kick. The beer comes in three varieties including Beer Belly American Kölsch Style Ale, Beer Attack Irish Style Red Ale, and Bio Beer India Pale Ale. Each brew is made with vegan organic ingredients, and the malt is brewed with a variety of super foods such as acai berry, grapefruit fiber, and flax seed oil along with several other earthy-crunchy miracle foods we can’t pronounce.

In addition to all these health benefits, sipping on Dr. Jekyll’s will also benefit a handful of charitable organizations that the founders have a soft spot for. One percent of each beer purchased goes towards a specific charity, so if you can’t decide which brew to try first you could always base it off the charity it supports. Proceeds from Bio Beer go towards the American Cancer Society, proceeds from Beer Attack go towards the American Heart Association, and lastly Beer Belly’s proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Now after a weekend of taking in one too many calories while watching Football on the couch, we have to say, we’re feeling motivated to jog down to Whole Foods to pick up some of these super food brews. Already given Dr. Jekyll’s a try? Be sure to let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.


UPDATE – OUR REVIEW: Recently our team had the opportunity to try these “good for you” brews, thanks to our friends at Dr. Jekyll’s who sent over a hefty pack of samples and swag. With the Thanksgiving Holiday now behind us, we’re gearing up for some healthy New Years resolution diets, and these beers are definitely a necessity.  Here’s our two cents on Dr. Jekyll’s…

Beer Belly: Starting off on a lighter note this brew was the first one on the sampling table, and we all quickly came to the conclusion that this beer is perfect for fruit fanatics who long for citrus summer beer year round. We’d say this beer is similar to a shandy without the overwhelming sweetness, thanks to the strong flavors of acai berry and the grapefruit! The award winning American Kolsch Ale received two thumbs up from our team members.

Beer Attack: Next up our team sipped on the Irish-Styled Red Ale, a little unsure of how some ingredients including garlic, flaxseed oil, and Algal Oil would present themselves. Surprisingly enough the beer was sweet yet complex. The warm of flavors of hawthorn berry and cinnamon hit you with the first sip, however the sweetness soon fades leaving an earthy, smoky and somewhat savory aftertaste on your tongue. We definitely enjoyed this brew and would recommend it to our friends who are looking for a beer packed with diverse flavor.

Bio Beer: Last but not least, we excitedly filled our sampling glasses with Dr. Jekyll’s take on an India Pale Ale. Once again we were a bit nervous to see how flavors of maitake mushroom and green tea would work in the IPA, but we were presently surprised to find that this brew tastes very much like some of the spiced IPA’s we’ve grown to love. Notes of ginger and clove paired perfectly with a light hop flavor, and we highly recommend this brew to folks who are often turned of by aggressively hopped West Coast IPA’s.

So there you have it, more evidence that Dr. Jekyll’s is not only better for your belly but also curiously delicious! We here at DIA give it an 8 out of 10, and highly recommend picking up a few cases before starting your 2016 health kick.