A well-stocked bar requires all the right tools. They may bring with them the pressure of learning how to use them, but it’s probably good to learn a new drink once in a while.


Whether you’re Jones-ing to add to your current collection, or you’re looking for that schwing Father’s Day gift, here’s your shopping list, as well as places to shop:


What You Need


Cocktail or Traditional Shaker
Boston Shaker

Hawthorne Strainer

Julep Strainer
Bar Spoon
Speed Pourer
Ice Bucket
Electric Blender
Soda Siphon
Cutting Board
Paring Knives
Measuring Spoons
Grater or Zester
Bottle Opener
Sip Sticks, Stir Sticks or Cocktail Straws


Where To Go


CocktailKingdom.com is a one-stop shop for “Barware. Books. Bitters.” (their tagline). It’s elegant, selective and affordable. Check out the reprinted vintage cocktail books. They are great gifts, and wonderful conversation pieces. Did I mention they are great gifts?


MisterMojito.com is another favorite. The specialty: muddlers. …Plus an array of beauteous shakers, strainers and bitters bottles. Ogle the $550.00 silver shaker, then fill your cart with jiggers, peelers and bar spoons — all under twenty bucks.


For the faux antique collector, head to the mall where Pottery Barn (yes, Pottery Barn) offers silver-plated bar tools that make a pretty classy, not too gimmicky matched set. The collection’s name, “Thurston,” says it all.


Don’t rule out tag sales, where vintage bar tools can often be found in a box of doodads labeled “$1 each.” The older the house, the older (read: cooler) the bar tools.