Balsamic Martini

Cocktails February 1, 2011 2 Comments.

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Balsamic? Isn’t that salad dressing?


An LA drinker sent us this picture of a balsamic strawberry martini and a cucumber martini from Firenze Osteria.  We’ve had cucumber martinis and actually find them quite refreshing. But balsamic?


A recent article from tells us that the Clover Club in Brooklyn is serving a similar concoction, the Strawberry Blonde: muddled strawberry, black pepper, white rum, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, grenadine and balsamic vinegar.


We can’t knock it until we try it, so we’ll give it a shot. Right after our Ranch Martini.

2 thoughts on “Balsamic Martini

  1. Lindsay

    I created a balsamic cocktail last winter, too. Balsamic syrup, muddled strawberry and basil, lime juice, simple syrup, Tanqueray No. 10, and ginger ale. Yes, it’s not exactly a one on the ease-of-execution meter, but I love them. The recipe for mine is actually at my link, too, if you decide you do want to try one.

  2. DIA Post author

    Hm, trying to think if it’s more appetizing with gin – we’ll have to think about this one. Appreciate you sharing the recipe.


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