Making news this month is the unveiling of Bacardi’s celebratory limited edition Bacardi MMXII Vintage rum. According to and the press release, it boasts all the style you would expect from such an iconic brand and comes in a splendid, hand-blown decanter bottle which houses a 20-year-old Bacardi.


Golden in color, Bacardi MMXII Vintage rum was aged in oak barrels then rested in 60-year-old Cognac barrels, giving it the warm golden color.


The Bacardi MMXII Vintage rum bottle features a series of commemorative details such as the coconut palm, which was planted at the entrance of the first Bacardi distillery, and the exact coordinates of this facility are etched into the bottle.


Bacardi MMXII Vintage rum has a run of 200 crystal decanters and will be available for around $2,000 per bottle.


Great idea. Kind of cheesy execution, if you ask us. The bottle looks like a new fragrance from Christina Aguilera. But what’s inside will surely more than make up for it. Happy Birthday, Bacardi.