Yes, it’s a contradiction in terms, but it’s a tasty one. For those of you who haven’t discovered the magic of baby food for endeavors other than the obvious, behold the power of our mushed, mashed ingredient of the month: baby food.


We first spotted this trend in recent issue of Redbook. Kim Haasarud, mother of two and cocktail designer for the world’s most fabulous hotels, has boldly gone where no mommy has ever gone before. She’s paired baby slop and vodka to create something every new, sleep-starved parent should try.


The Slightly Sloshed Slushie


1 ½ oz. pear vodka

1 ½ ox squeezable fruit puree or jarred baby food — pears, plums, apricots, anything

¼ cup of 7-UP

Juice of half a lemon


For an added touch, garnish with a silver spoon?