If you’re the kind of wine buyer who rarely repeats buying the same label, you are a Nomad Drinker. And you are growing in numbers.


A recent poll conducted by Harris found that Millennial wine consumers — those of legal drinking age to age 35 — are less likely to be repeat buyers of the same wines. In fact, only 32% report “sometimes or frequently” purchasing a bottle of wine they’ve had before, compared with above 50% for consumers aged 48 and older, and 40% for Generation X consumers, aged 36-47.


Blame it on a short attention span, or a quest to explore new things. Only you, Nomadic Drinker, know why you do it. Maybe you just like the handle “Nomad Drinker.” It’s a cool band name, if you’re looking for one, and it suits your independent, unconventional reputation.