Do you receive these “Fwd:” emails that joke about why mothers drink? They’re only a little funny, if you ask us. And they don’t do justice to the trend that is undeniable: more and more women are buying booze. Note: we said buying. Are they drinking it, too? Let’s dig.


Industry pub Shanken News Daily reports, “The buying power of women has soared, with most estimates showing that female shoppers account for more than 80% of all purchasing decisions. Beverage alcohol is very much in that mix, and many liquor retailers have responded by revamping their selling strategies.”


The example they cite is Sigel’s Beverages .P. in Dallas, Texas, which has modeled all his stores with female shoppers in mind. Tony Bandiera Jr., owner and CEO of Sigel’s says the effort has paid off. Last year, females accounted for 52% of Sigel’s customer base and a similar share of the retailer’s $120 million in annual sales. has this to say, “Women are the new coveted niche market for liquor brands looking to broaden customer appeal. And thanks to the artisanal cocktail explosion in cities like New York and San Francisco, dark spirits—especially whiskys, bourbons and scotches—are the buzziest boozes on the block. Especially when it comes to babes.” (Um, excuse us, but you’re not going to win women over with the antique pejoratives, but we digress.)


They go on to say, “The LA Times recently declared that ‘women are closing the drinking gap,’ from ordering at restaurants to at-home consumption, noting that women are responsible for roughly 70% of alcohol purchasing decisions. ‘Whiskey has become more accessible to both men and women — especially the younger generation,’ said Alan Shayne, president of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society told MSNBC earlier this month, something Glenfiddich ambassador Heather Greene agrees with. ‘Women have been becoming comfortable with wines for 20 years, and fine liquor is the next frontier,’ she says.” concludes, “the whiskey industry acknowledges that ‘women make [most] of the alcohol-purchasing decisions…,’ according to New England Consulting Group, so its now-finally–concentrating on the female buyer. As a result, a number of companies have added different styles and a wide range of flavors and aromas. There’s even a non-alcoholic version of whiskey on the market —ideal for those who like the flavor of whiskey and who are either pregnant or prefer to abstain from alcohol. As promoted on its website, ArKay is ‘the world’s first alcohol-free ,whiskey-flavored drink…a perfect beverage that anyone can consume.’”


Tell us more. Is this a trend you can vouch for? Or is it merely a marketing maneuver?