Angry Orchard green apple

The makers of Angry Orchard have been seriously busy this cider season. They kicked off fall with the announcement of their latest seasonal flavor, Cinnful Apple, and now they’re introducing a new cider to their permanent collection.


Angry Orchard Green Apple will be the newest addition to join the cider brand’s lineup. The new year-rounder is made from tart green apples with surprising hints of kiwi and honeydew. The 5% ABV cider is Angry Orchard’s second attempt at embracing their roots by using American-grown apples as opposed to apples native to Europe. American apples do it better, right?


Green Apple will debut this fall alongside Cinnful Apple. Although it will be a limited release at first in major cities throughout the country, the national rollout is planned for early 2014. If you can find it before then, a six pack will cost you about $7.99.