As much as we hate to see summer go, we’re welcoming cider season with open arms. This fall, ciders are getting innovative with flavors, techniques and taste. There’s even a major brand putting out a hard cider. Looks like everyone is as excited as us.


Boston Beer Co. is kicking off this fall with a new flavor from Angry Orchard. The latest release, Cinnful Apple, debuted last week as Angry Orchard’s new fall/winter seasonal cider. The new drink has the classic taste of crisp apple cider with cinnamon spice and a little surprise hint of cacao. Plus this is the first time Angry Orchard will be using American apples from Washington in one of their ciders, typically using apple varieties native to Europe. The 5% ABV Cinnful Apple is available in select markets right now and will start popping up across the country right in time for the fall season.


Out in Colorado, two men are changing the face of the cider-making world. Aaron Fodge and Matt Fater started Branch Out Cider last year in Fort Collins, a town known for their beer. This would be completely normal except Branch Out is a cider brand with no apple orchard to call its own. Instead of investing in one, Fodge and Fater are involving the local community by picking apples from people’s backyards. No they’re not stealing. People volunteer and sign up to let the duo pick their apples and then receive recognition and a discount on the final product. Branch Out Cider is technically an apple wine due to its 8% ABV and fermentation process. Available in restaurants and liquor stores around Fort Collins, we need to get our hands on this apple wine.


Though it won’t be available this fall, MillerCoors is dipping into the cider world in 2014. Smith & Forge Hard Cider will debut next year, but no specific date is set yet. We do know that the cider will check in at 6% ABV, higher than your average cider, and be targeted at males who make up only a small portion of cider drinkers. It’s too soon to judge but we’ll let you know about this one.