Gotta love people who spend their precious time analyzing what cocktails best suit which people. Wait. That’s us. Well, in this case, New York Magazine did it better. Check out what we dug up from the archives:

We don’t know about you, but our favorite part of this is the 80+ year old category. At that age they can do whatever they want. Bring out the ice luge!
The article further summaries with these five rules of thumb:
21 to 25: Light Drinks, Shots, and Slippery Nipples – Have fun before you get a mortgage
26 to 49: Stiff Drinks – You’ll probably need a few cranking away at work
50 to 64: Expensive Whisk(e)y and Wine – You’re supposed to be able to afford them now
65 to 79: Old-People Drinks – Retirement here we come
80-Plus: Anything Goes – That’s what we like to hear
If these guidelines ring true, let us know. If they don’t, even more reason to comment and tell us why not.