12256853_427056994169574_1308370292_nAbsolut Vodka has a connection to the art world with its iconic ads and the Absolut Art Award, which has been given out every year since 2009. The Absolut Art Award recognizes modern artists and art writers. When Absolut decided to branch out into other ventures two years ago, the art world was a natural choice. Enter Absolut Art.

This online gallery features artists invited by the curators with no preset requirements. The prints can be photographs, paintings, or typography. The production costs are entirely covered by Absolut, and artist take home 50% of the profit from their sales. The pieces range in price from $250 to $6,000—with the aim of making art available to everyone, not just the über rich.

While the creation of Absolut Art is undoubtedly meant to bring boost their brand, it’s pretty cool to see the vodka company supporting artists and making art more accessible.