Anheuser-Busch just released Draftmark, a home draft system, to retailers and liquor stores in the St. Louis, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The draft system is roughly the size of a long 12-pack of cans and dispenses beer (Budweiser, Bass or Shock Top) from one-gallon plastic tubes that are sold separately.


The Draftmark fits neatly into refrigerator shelves, making a true draft beer experience possible in a few easy steps. Just charge the tap system’s battery, insert the beer refill’s pouring spout, place and rotate the beer refill into the tap system to lock into place, close the system, pour and enjoy. Sound like marketing copy? It is. We have yet to try it ourselves. But at just $50 for the base and $14 for each refill (which offer 11 pours of 12 ounces each), we intend to buy our own…as soon as we can find someone in St. Louis to send us one.