Now let us ask you this: what do Cotton Candy, Bacon, and Black Peppercorns all have in common? You guessed it. They’re all available in a flavored vodka. It’s no surprise, especially if you’ve been keeping up with our Booze News Weeklies, that American liquor companies are all about developing a variety of flavors for our sugar craving palates. However, Fortune Magazine recently called out one style of booze that’s been a little reluctant to jump on this bandwagon: tequila.

Over the past few years we’ve seen Mexico start to come out of its shell slowly but surely, releasing flavor varieties such as Espresso, Citron, and Cucumber. Tequila has such a distinct taste and distillers have a lot of respect for their final product, so they have only chosen to blend in flavors that make sense and complement the taste of the tequila. Big name tequila brand, Patrón, has lead the charge, releasing Patrón XO and a  Dark Coco variety over the past 3 years. Sauza followed suit by releasing Cucumber Chili followed by Avión who debuted their Espresso blend.

Well-made tequila is typically set at a price point much higher than others. The flavored options are lower in alcohol content and sold at less expensive price points which enables penny-pinchers to give the pricier brands a try. Take it from us, once you make the jump from the Jose Cuervo’s of the world to the top dog tequilas, you’ll stay there for life.

Do you have a favorite flavor of tequila that you can’t live without? Or any specific flavor you’re dying for Patrón or Avión to release? Tell us in the comments section below!