What, oh what, am I going to buy with this month’s batch of Macy’s 20% OFF coupons?


I know. A Krups B100 BeerTender. How cool will I be this summer with cold beer on tap?


A drip-free spout is one thing, but keeping beer fresh 30 days after tapping is a game changer.


Other selling points include:


·  Two-year warranty

·  Works exclusively with: Heineken®, Heineken Premium Light®, Newcastle Brown Ale®

·  Ultra-quiet electronic cooling

·  Detachable tap handle, metal and plastic drip tray and 5 BeerTender® tubes

·  Plastic body with chrome finish

·  LED temperature indicator, which is preset to ideal cooling temperature

·  Removable, dishwasher-safe pouring spout


Reviewers warn that this is probably not the best buy if you don’t want the hubby’s friends hanging around. They also caution that it take a special beer tube for each kegette. You’ll get a handful to start with; replacements are available on Amazon.com. This equals annoying errand and about $1.50 per keg.


You’ll need to chill the keg to the right temp before putting it in the BeerTender. Failure to do so will take about 18 hours to chill in the BeerTender.


In short, there are rules and instructions. Consider this if you are manual-averse.


All in all, people like their BeerTender.


Rather, people who like their Heineken like their BeerTender.