9mm vodka

Vodka come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen plenty of weird bottles, but the latest from 9mm Vodka might beat them all.


The new vodka brand is bottling its booze in a black glass gun-shaped container. The gun (bottle) comes in a foam-lined aluminum case that looks like something you would see James Bond walking around with. Each bottle contains 500ml of French vodka. To top it all off, the package comes with plastic bullet clips that double as shot glasses. Classy, right?


9mm Vodka hasn’t hit the market just yet. Founder, Jim Denoon, is turning to crowd funding site Indiegogo in order to raise the money needed to put the vodka on shelves. He’s hoping to make $45,000 in the next fifty or so days. If he doesn’t everyone who donated will get his or her money back. If he does, there will be a gun shaped vodka bottle stacked on our shelves sometime soon. Denoon plans to hit the U.S. first and then move on to Russia, Asia and South America.


Would you buy a bottle of vodka shaped like a gun? We’re pretty sure we know the answer but share your opinions below.