Dad. Father. Pops. Daddy. Papa. Daddio. Whatever other weird name you call your dad- he deserves some extra appreciation this week. Between the ups and downs of taking care of us, we put our dads through a lot. And while there are many, many reasons why we drive our dads to drink, we’re going to narrow it down to five.

1. You always call him when you need to be bailed out. Whether you’re up to your neck in credit card debt, late on your rent, or actually need to be bailed out of jail (we won’t ask any questions), Dad will be there to help you out when you really need it. Not without a lecture about responsibilities and a repayment plan, of course.

2. He’s your unpaid, available 24/7 mechanic, accountant, and overall handyman. How do dads know all these things? Seriously? Somehow any question you have, Dad’s got the answer. He’s even passed on some of his knowledge to you. Changing a tire, doing your taxes, installing your cable box, and fixing a broken toilet can all be listed on your resume under “Unclassified Dad Skills.” You might even be the person people go to when their dad’s aren’t available.

3. He gives you honest relationship advice even if you ignore it over and over again. Been stuck on the same girl for years? Keep going after the bad boys? Dad will tell you like it is. He knows when to let you make your own mistakes and when to step in a give you a much-needed reality check. You know he always wants what’s best for you; it just takes you a few mess-ups to actually realize he was right all along.

giphy-14. You’re over the age of 23 and still live at home.  We get it; there’s a grace period you need in order to get on your feet before moving out after graduation. But beyond that, Dad wants you out. He just got rid of you and now you’re back? He loves you and all but…

5. He drinks to hang with you. At the end of the day, your dad wouldn’t have it any other way. Kick back, and enjoy a beer or two with your dad this Father’s Day. Preferably a beer you bought him. And remember to let him know how much you appreciate all he does!

And for the moms that double as dads too, we didn’t forget about you. You guys rock for all the same reasons. From all of us at DIA, we hope your Father’s Day is filled with happiness and beer. Cheers!