We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing, that’s reason enough. But for those who need more, here you go:


1. Regional Semi-finals– March Madness is in the home stretch this weekend. We’ll be ready for tipoff with beer in hand.


2. ‘Flour Bomb’– Kim Kardashian got a nice little surprise on the red carpet this week when a women dumped flour all over her.  The video of the ‘bombing’ will be on repeat as we cheers to the flour’s victory.


3. Hunger Games– Hunger Games is hitting theaters this weekend and thankfully we can’t make it. We’ll be busy drinking to the poor souls brave enough to fight the crowds.


4. Drunken Creativity- According to a recent study, drunkenness can lead to greater creativity. Finally proof to what we’ve known all along. Cheers to justification.


5. Heat Wave- This past week has been unseasonably warm and we’ve enjoyed every minute. In case it doesn’t last, we’ll be spending the rest of the weekend knocking back our drinks in the sun.