giphy1) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes out today. We will finally be able to solve the mystery that is “Where does this film fit in with the rest of the “Star Wars” cycle?” Make sure you go to a theatre that serves booze.

2) It’s the last weekend before Christmas which means you have to savor this free time. Before you know it, relatives are going to be pounding on your front door waiting to pinch your cheeks and ask you questions that make you question your entire life’s purpose. Kick back on the couch with a glass of wine or go rage at a night club. Whatever floats your boat. This is your “you-time.”

3) The Polar Vortex is not a weird video game or the title of sci-fi movie. For much of the central and eastern parts of the US, the polar vortex is very real and it’s coming. Along with it are “dangerously” cold temperatures and howling winds. If this isn’t a perfect excuse to stay inside all weekend and drink spiked hot cocoa we don’t know what is.

4) Finals week is over for most of our readers who are in college. You’ve spent hours slowing losing your mind in the library, memorizing things you will most likely forget in 24 hours. You deserve to let loose this weekend. Throw a few back for wrapping up fall semester!

5) Alan Thicke passed away this week. Known for his role in “Growing Pains,” where he received the nickname “America’s dad.” He died at the age of 69. We can all agree that he will be greatly missed. Raise a glass for Dr. Jason Seaver.