giphyWe’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing that’s reason enough. But for those who need more, here you go:

1. Kevin Durant: With the Golden State Warriors losing in the NBA Championships, they have picked up a powerhouse of a player, Kevin Durant. KD has announced he is going to sign an two-year, $54.3 million contract. So if you’re a Warriors fan, have a drink in honor of your new player; Thunder fans, have a drink for the sake of your team.

2. ‘Brexit’ Cider: The Boston Beer Company, known for Sam Adams and Angry Orchard, have just applied the trademark the term, “Brexit.” They are intending on using this term to be a new name for a hard cider. They’re not alone in trying to trademark this, so let’s hope for the best that “Brexit” hard cider will soon be on the shelves.

3. The Life of Pets: The Life of Pets is in theaters today! Starring Kevin Hart as a furry white bunny and Louis C.K. as a homebody dog, this movie is sure to be hysterical. Get some friends together for drinks before the film and enjoy.

4. Wimbledon: Serena Williams will be taking on Angelique Kerber this Saturday for the Women’s Wimbledon Championship. Roger Federer is moving into the semi-finals playing Milos Raonic and Andy Murray vs. Tomas Berdych this Saturday to play in the Men’s Finals. Then the winners of those particular matches will be playing this Sunday for Men’s Wimbledon Championship. We can assure you an exciting tennis weekend, so sit back on the couch and fix yourself something to sip on.

5. Yuengling: With an $8 Million environmental project complete the Schuykill River will be clean as well as the water that is put into the sewers, thanks to the Yuengling Brewery. Their new wastewater treatment system collects the spent sugar, yeast and grains, and converts them into methane. This can be used as a green biogas that will fill their generator to provide electricity and heat for their brewery systems and breweries museum. This removes the harmful contents from the water and produces green energy. So raise a glass of Yuengling and cheers to (you guessed it) Yuengling.