We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing, that’s reason enough. But for those who need more, here you go:


1. Veterans Day – We’d like to thank all the brave Veterans out there. Today we raise our glasses and cheers to you.


2. 11.11.11 – Call it lucky, magic, superstition, whatever you want. As the New York Times pointed out, this day won’t come again for another century so we’re calling it a party.


3. Bud Light Platinum – Bud Light announced their new 6% craft beer will be hitting shelves this January. We’re ready to crack open the New Year with more sophisticated buds, but until then the original will do.


4. Rick Perry – Whether you’ve been keeping up with the recent political debates or not, Rick Perry’s big ‘oops’ is a must see. If he wasn’t drinking before that meltdown, he definitely is now. We’ll be joining him and hoping for more.


5. 3,000 Fans – Don’t want to jump the gun, but we think it’s safe to say we’ll hit 3,000 Facebook fans by Monday. We’re at 2,822 so feel free to like us, with a drink a in hand.