best whiskey bars

Whiskey has been having a great year and as it grows more and more in popularity, whiskey enthusiasts are looking for bars that have more than one dusty, lonely bottle of Jack Daniels on their shelves. Drinkers want to go to an establishment that doesn’t just sell whiskey – they live it. A bar with every kind of whiskey; some they’ve tried, some they haven’t tried and some that will change the way they drink forever.


Here are 4 of the best bars for whiskey lovers in America:


Longman & Eagle, Chicago, Illinois

At Longman & Eagle, their philosophy is “whiskey for your mouth, not for our shelves,” meaning that they encourage their patrons to try as many different whiskies as they can. The bar currently has 148 selections available with 38 different ones on offer daily for $3.00 a shot. Their whiskey menu is unreal – seriously, just look at it and drool.


Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, Los Angeles, California

Located in downtown LA, Seven Grand takes their whiskey seriously with an international wall of whiskey that spans nearly every continent. They have over 250 brands of whiskey and their very own Whiskey Society. The Whiskey Society offers monthly tasting and education of rare whiskies, both old and new for only a $20 annual membership.


The Flat Iron Room, Manhattan, New York

The Flat Iron Room is all about drinking less and tasting more. They offer a “Bottle Keep” program where you can purchase your favorite bottle of whiskey, enjoy as much as you want at your table and when you’ve had enough, they will tag it with your name and store it in their Bottle Keep. You can even hand out “Entitlement Cards” to a few friends who can drop by and drink off your bottle if they’re in the neighborhood. Bonus: Whiskey School courses led by Heather Greene, New York’s first official whiskey Sommelier.


Whiskey Bent Saloon, Nashville, Tennessee

You can’t talk about whiskey bars without turning to Nashville. Whiskey Bent Saloon has awesome live music and an amazing whiskey menu. If you want to create some kind of unique whiskey tasting event, they will help you out with that; one of their fun ideas is a blind tasting format. They offer 3-5 whiskeys where you challenge your nose and palate to figure out what they are. We know where we want to have our birthday party next year.