winter Stout

Summer is made for pale ales but winter? Winter is all about the stouts. There’s nothing like a dark stout on a cold night and we’ll be drinking plenty of them this season.  Here are a few stouts that we’ll drinking today to celebrate Christmas and throughout the rest of the winter.


Cranberry Stouts: It’s only natural to reach for something cranberry flavored during the winter holiday season and stout is the perfect beer to have on hand. Some of our favorites include Meantime Cranberry Stout or Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout from Muskoka Brewery. Not only are breweries experimenting with cranberries, but the recipe is popular among homebrewers as well.  If you’re feeling brave, whip up your own batch of cranberry stout this winter.


Avión Tequila Stout: Avión has been making moves lately and their latest is in the beer world. Coming off of the success of their Avión Tequila IPA, the tequila brand partnered up with NYC’s Flatiron Hall to bring us Avión Tequila Stout. The limited edition seasonal brew is crafted by aging Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout in Avión barrels for three months. The dark chocolate and espresso flavored stout will be available for a short time at the Flatiron. Grab a glass this season.


Deschutes Class of ’88: Earlier this year, Deschutes announced their plans to pay tribute to their 25th anniversary with a special collaboration series. They teamed up with other breweries that all opened or brewed their first beers in 1988. They just released their latest beer in the series with Goose Island, but we have our eyes on their Imperial Smoked Porter (technically a stout) this winter season. Get your hands on a bottle for this winter.


We’ll be drinking stouts all day and throughout the rest of the winter. What are your favorite stouts to drink – share with us below.