Look out Patron; Avión is looking to climb the ranks. The tequila brand has been making moves this year and now thinks they deserve a spot on the top tier of your liquor shelf. Their latest release, Reserva 44, has luxury written all over it.


The new aged tequila is the first entry for Avión into the top shelf world and has quite the extravagant bottling process. It all starts with Avión Silver that is then matured in oak barrels for forty-three months. When it’s three and a half year long stay is over, it’s transferred to petite oak barrels and rotated each day for thirty days making for a grand total of forty-four months in the barrel. Just to take it over the top, the tequila is then hand filled into crystal bottles, hand numbered and individually signed by Avión founder, Ken Austin. Talk about elaborate.


At 80 proof, Reserva debuted this month in select states (NY, CA, FL, IL, TX, NV and GA) and will go national early next year. But don’t expect it to be in large supply. The initial release consists of 744 cases at $150 a bottle. According to Austin, the tequila should be priced around $300 but apparently he’s cutting us a break for half the price. With the release of Reserva, Austin wants to see Avión skyrocket to the number two tequila spot in sales, behind Patron. We’ll wait to see about that Ken.


Let us know if you get your hands on a bottle, we’re not sure we could justify dropping that amount on a bottle of tequila. Especially when we can get a bottle of Patron for $40.